Me, Lady Gaga, & Tom Daley

What do the three of us have in common? Net worth, popularity, and fame aside - there actually is something that we do every day. We all drink liquid collagen as part of a healthy supplement routine. You might even say it’s our “Perfect Illusion.”


What, exactly, is liquid collagen? Let me break it down for you. Collagen is the stuff that our bodies naturally produce to keep our skin plump, elastic, and wrinkle-free. As you might have guessed, this doesn’t last forever! In fact, once you hit the big 2-0, your ability to produce collagen takes a Tom Daley-sized nose dive into the deep end of the pool. 

And as your natural collagen declines, year after year, your skin begins to droop, wrinkle, and sag (oh my!) This inevitable collagen deficiency also affects your hair and nails; both gradually become dry and brittle. 


Thankfully there’s a way around it, and it doesn’t require expensive cosmetic surgery or a face full of Botox. You can simply drink it! Collagen is available in powders and capsules, but there are studies suggesting that the liquid form is more effective. It’s also important to note that the only collagen you should be drinking is fish collagen. And from what I hear, make sure it’s not packaged in China. 

Ok, let’s be real, fish collagen doesn’t sound like something you want to wake up and drink every morning with your latte and oatmeal! Thankfully the brand I drink, Heivy Liquid Collagen, is infused with tropical flavors and has no aftertaste. Sometimes I just add it to my fruit smoothie and it tastes great. 

I’ve been taking collagen for several years, but only recently made the switch to liquid fish collagen. In just 2 months I’ve noticed a change in the appearance of my skin, hair, and nails. The fine lines around my eyes have softened, and my curly hair looks healthier and shinier than ever.

If you want to join me, Lady Gaga, and Tom Daley - I recommend you give liquid collagen a try. And if you follow this link, just enter the coupon code GBMVS8BI to save 10% on your purchase. 

I would like to thank Heivy Liquid Collagen for sponsoring this blog post! Thank you for supporting the brands we endorse!