Matthew Olshefski

He plays the violin so well you’re unsure you ever want to listen to another instrument again.
— Cosmopolitan

Since the age of 3...

I have been playing the violin - and I will never stop playing! I’m Matthew Olshefski, a classically trained violinist, performer, and natural-born entertainer! I am passionate about the violin and I believe classical music should be SEXY! That’s why, in August 2016 I created the Shirtless Violinist YouTube channel where I have released over 100 videos and accumulated over a MILLION views! I am able to create these videos thanks to the amazing support of my Patreon Family, and I know this is just the beginning of our exciting journey together!



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Matthew Olshefski might be better known as YouTube’s Shirtless Violinist, a classically trained musician who combines the violin with sex appeal and a splash of humor. In August 2016 Matthew channeled his passion for music into a sexy, shirtless performance of a Katy Perry song. The cover video was set against beautiful backdrops along the Pacific Coast and the idea immediately caught on, written about in multiple countries. “Music has no language boundaries. It’s Universal.” The Seattle native has been playing the violin since the age of 3, but has said it’s only the second greatest instrument in the world. So what’s the first? “Your body!” Matthew has been using both instruments on his YouTube channel for the past year, combining his looks and talents with singers, dancers, actors, and a myriad of beautiful locations from cathedrals to the tops of mountains. Always without a shirt, and occasionally without pants!

“I am on a quest to make classical music sexy!”

Since the launch of “Shirtless Violinist” in August, 2016,  Matthew has generated millions of views across all social platforms. He has covered popular songs by Justin Bieber and Sia as well as introduced his audience to lesser-known classical songs like “Czardas” by Vittoria Monti.

Matthew has been featured regularly in Attitude Magazine, Instinct Magazine, Towleroad, and the prestigious Violin Channel in addition to television programs like Right This Minute and OUTtv.

He has also supported causes that are near and dear to his heart; bringing attention to the True Colors Fund, Food Bank, The Trevor Project and Combat Veteran Suicide Awareness. Matthew even launched his own charity campaign called the “Shirt Off My Back Challenge” which was created to help people in need. 

He sell t-shirts (go figure) and donates all of the proceeds to charity.

Matthew has caught the eye of several businesses and has been sponsored by apparel companies like Rufskin, N2N Bodywear, Marco Marco, and Andrew Christian as well as Fiddlershop, a top violin company in the USA.